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Clock Bag Lady 1The Clock Bag Lady has been carrying a Clock Bag since 2003.  Everyone talks to you or smiles at you or makes a joke or two.  Be prepared for lots of attention.  Many people have asked The Clock Bag Lady if she “has the time” or say “Flavor Flav” and again laugh with me each and every time.  I have been asked by several young men if they can show a friend the Clock Bag and they proceed to put the Clock Bag around their necks and say “Flavor Flav!” and show their friends or co-workers.  It is hysterical!  I have heard every “time” joke there is……”Hey Lady, what time is it?”…….”Is that the correct time?”………”Is that clock really working?……..Are you always on time?……  Be ready to make people smile or laugh.  The Clock Bag Lady loves to see the smiles put on faces by this bag; every age, ethnic background and gender.  This Clock Bag is the Best Ever!!!!!

I have been asked thousands of time over the years, “Where did you get that bag?” and of course I tell the story of where I purchased my first Clock Bag.  I also tell them that I had sold the bags for a couple of years and then have to tell people that my source for the bags had gone out of business.  I have been saying for several years now that I was going to have them made and I am finally doing just that!  There are Vintage Bags out there made by the original designer of the Clock Bag in the 80’s.  There are some bags out there with poor quality (I had a couple of those) that fell apart quickly.  The Clock Bag Lady carries her bag every day and wanted one that would hold up to so much use.  So here they are!!!  I have finally had the Clock Bags made and I hope that you will enjoy carrying the bag as much as I have.

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